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If this sounds familiar :

Physical & Mental exhaustion

New or worse mood swings

Increase in belly fat

Poor sleep/Insomnia

Joint aches/pains

loss of libido or sexual fulfillment 

can’t pinpoint anything specific, but just don’t feel like Yourself anymore

Little to no motivation to do anything 

Overwhelmed by all the advice out there 

Are Your Hormones Ruining Your Life?

Hormone Havoc

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I’m here to be your consultant, to partner with you and empower you to understand your body and hormones. You’re going to receive clarity on why you’re feeling the way you are and a clear roadmap of recommendations on how to feel better quickly! We’ll go over exactly what your body needs and I’ll inform you of the options that exist for you to get what you need. 

I know how overwhelming it can be when everywhere you look some “expert” is claiming they have the secret that’s going to make you feel better and transform your body.

Between our doctors telling us everything is fine, pharmaceutical companies telling us medications are the only answer, and social media showing us all the new programs that are guaranteed to fix us it’s no wonder so many people feel hopeless.

Recent Reviews

- Suzanne McGilton

"Dr. Boyd is knowledgeable, kind and efficient. She explained everything to me in full detail, gave me options and made me feel extremely comfortable. I am already feeling improvement in just a week! I would(and have!) recommended her to everyone I know. If you are on the fence of seeing her, go! You wont be disappointed. You deserve to feel your best. 10/10 from me 😊"

I am a 58 year old female. I always thought or have been told going through menopause or getting old is something I just had to deal with. This is simply not true. I was educated on Hormone Therapy by Dr. Boyd and boy was I glad I did!! I didn’t have to deal with weight issues, fatigue and low libido alone and without help. Hormone Therapy was the answer.
I’ve been seeing Doctor Boyd for a couple of years for Hormone Therapy. Since then I have dropped from 190 lbs & wearing a size 12 to 147 lbs wearing a size 2 & 4, leaner muscle, no body aches, I sleep better and have more energy/active. Thanks Dr. Boyd for showing me the options of living a well and better active life!! You’re awesome!!!

- AC

- Annie Fenderson

Dr. Ambrosia Boyd was extremely professional and kind. She explained what hormone replacement is and what it can do to bring back my quality of life. She listened to my symptoms that have been ongoing for almost 2 years and showed care and concern. I’m excited to see this transform my body and I am thankful to have crossed paths with Dr. Boyd.


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